Vlad Sokolovsky accidentally showed a new girl

Russian artist moved to Los Angeles, where together with a friend to rent a luxury Villa.


Vlad Sokolovsky showed followers in Instagram all the charm of living in such a nice house and accidentally got into the frame a new girl singer. Netizens are convinced, sweetheart soloist is the fitness mentor Natalya Sultanova. The couple were often seen together, indirect evidence for their location are published on the virtual resources. Sokolowski and his new girlfriend at the same time placed in the online pictures and videos of the same events around the same time.


The singer admitted that flying in the US without a friend and was bored. Sokolovsky had many reasons to cancel the trip, but he did not regret the choice. According to the artist, his consciousness moved to the higher level.

While Sokolovskiy’s having fun, his ex-fiancee Rita Dakota unflattering comments about the singer. In the past she wrote on Instagram that her husband constantly cheated on her so she broke up with him. For a long time the girl knew nothing about the betrayal, and then are unable to forgive a loved one for their actions.