Vlad Yama and Natalia Mogilevskaya again became a couple: my joy, my passion

Влад Яма и Наталья Могилевская снова стали парой: моя радость, моя страсть

The brightest pair show “Tantsi z with a stars” returned to the floor. Vlad Yama and Natalia Mogilevskaya reunited to show the fans a rousing. Reports Clutch.

In the beginning of March in Kiev held a Grand concert of Natalia Mogilev. It the legendary singer performed his most famous hits, and introduced a few new tracks.

But during the song “This dance” the fans have been waiting for an incredible surprise: came on the scene Vlad Yama and paired with Mogilev has performed a staggering number. Then the singer turned from the stage to longtime friend and told him a lot of warm words.

“I want to thank you as my first teacher. Dancing, for me, was not just a project, it’s become part of my life. Ten years I use dance as a tool in all their shows. This is my joy, my passion. You opened a new profession for me, a new facet of talent. And I think that if there were such a teacher like you, we have Igor there would be no victory. Therefore, it is our common victory!” – said Natalia Mogilev.

Влад Яма и Наталья Могилевская снова стали парой: моя радость, моя страсть

Earlier it was reported that Natalia Mogilevskaya had a little trouble with the image and posted the photo which caused a very mixed reaction from fans. The new picture shows the singer posing in a black camisole with a pretty sharply defined silhouette and red high-waisted pants. New bow Mogilev fans didn’t like it. It is compared with Carlson and excitedly suggest to change stylist.

Here’s what members wrote in the comments to the photo: “Short body, not wear the pants,” “I love You Natasha , but the Pants are great as for me…”, “Nice, but not going” “You like Carlson”.

Recall, Mogilev showed the family.

Earlier Znayu reported, Mogilevskaya shocked fans with a strange fascination.

Also Znayu wrote, Mogilevskaya have pleased fans of the weird hair and charming smile, but there is one “but”.

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