Vladimir Efimov told about the growth of profitability of business in Moscow

Factor in the holding in Moscow of the football world Cup contributed to the rapid growth of the profitability of the local business in the first six months of this year. As the head of the Metropolitan DEPR Vladimir Yefimov, a total of “growth” business success in the metropolis during the period under review compared with the same six first months of 2017 amounted to 42.6%. Regarding the hospitality industry noted that the profitability of the capital’s hospitality sector, thanks to the world Cup, increased 2.4 times. Along the way, the profitability of the entertainment industry grew by 76%, while cafes and restaurants is 45%. This was written by a Business Expert.

Владимир Ефимов рассказал о росте прибыльности бизнеса в МосквеThe second most important factor in the success of the Moscow business — the manufacturing industry of the city. “Growth” on its profitability — 130%. According to Vladimir Efimov, contributed to the launch in the city two years ago, the program updates local industry.

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