Vladimir Kuzmin appeared on “Song of the year” with 26-year-old sweetheart

In may of this year, the rocker turned 63, and in the summer he broke up with another wife.

Владимир Кузьмин появился на «Песне года» с 26-летней возлюбленной

The soloist of the musical group “Speaker” Vladimir Kuzmin appeared on “Song of the year” with 26-year-old sweetheart. In late spring of 2018, he was 63 years old, and just a few months ago, this summer, it became known that the rocker decided to leave his wife Catherine. In the social network, the artist wrote that he and his ex-wife treat each other with love and respect, but then it’s time to go our separate ways. The cause of the breakup, the couple decided to comment.

But, recovering after a breakup, Kuzmin showed the world and the fans of his new girlfriend, a bit younger than the previous one. Svetlana is already being called the future wife of a rocker, and, according to friends of the couple, the beloved artist lives with him under one roof. Despite the beauty of Svetlana, she’s not an actress and not a model, and music Manager. At the moment the girl became the right hand Kuzmin and accompanied by a singer in tours.