Vladimir Mashkov has declared completion of career in the movies

Владимир Машков заявил о завершении карьеры в кино

Popular Russian actor Vladimir Mashkov has declared that leaves from a movie, as he admitted “the Fifth channel”. Mashkov said that he did not have enough time to take in the movies.

The actor said: “Cinema is also a serious activity, you need to spend a lot of time. I have physically no.”

Владимир Машков заявил о завершении карьеры в кино

For what period he is going to leave the cinema, the actor said. In the near future Mashkov has planned to seriously pursue theatrical activities. He said: “Yes, I want to put the play… And, no doubt, I have to play in the theater.”

Later in the press service of “Snuff” confirmed that Mashkov simply decided to take a break in the filming. This was the cause of his becoming artistic Director of the theater.

Владимир Машков заявил о завершении карьеры в кино

It is worth noting that the actor in his career, has already worked as a theater Director, putting on stage of the Moscow theater Studio of Oleg Tabakov performances of “the passion of Bumbarash” and “Star hour local time”. In addition, the Theater “Satyricon” Mashkov has put performance “the Threepenny Opera”, and on the stage of Moscow art theater named after A. P. Chekhov – performance “№ 13”.

We will remind, earlier it was noted that the popular comedians of the Quarter-95 on February 14 decided to make an exception and showed the Ukrainians their wives. The official Facebook page of Studio there was a collage, which depicted Yevgeniy Koshevoy, Valery Zhidkov, Stepan Kazanin and Vladimir Zelensky, together with their wives. Fans are still unable to see the faces of some chosen, however, they wrote in the comments a lot of positive reviews.

As reported by the portal “Znayu”: fans of the series Univer shocked by the revelations of the actress Nastassja Samburski, who told about his childhood. As she said, parents are the last people on the planet, which the actress will go with their problems. As a girl, his father constantly beat her and her mother while silently watched and did not attempt to defend it. Thus the reason for another act of violence could not be.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that block 95 has published a video, which collected the best moments from filming the third part of the popular series servant of the people. Despite the fact that his script was written a long time ago, some viewers accused Zelensky is that the video is illegal campaigning.

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