Vladimir Yefimov said that Moscow is becoming more and more SP

As the head of the Metropolitan DEPR, Vice-the mayor Vladimir Yefimov, currently, the metropolis continues to be the leader of our country regarding the increase in the number of individual entrepreneurs. This form of business is gaining supporters in Moscow. Suffice it to say that for the period January-August in the capital have signed up to 2400 (+15%) more SP than for the first eight months of last year. This was written, the Agency “Commercial secret”.

Владимир Ефимов рассказал о том, что в Москве становится все больше ИПNow the capital of the Russian Federation carries out core activities 308700 individual entrepreneurs. This figure was fixed as in the first day of autumn, while it is 11.5% more than in September last year.

According to the Vice-mayor in Moscow has done a lot to promote good business activities. For business here are a variety of benefits, incentives and the patent system, — specified Vice-the mayor.

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