Volochkova has an affair with businessman embraced his feet and confessed his love

Волочкова закрутила роман с бизнесменом: обняла ногами и призналась в любви

Controversial Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is strongly draws attention to the person on the page in Instagram. A celebrity recently bragged to the warm reception of an old friend from Yalta, Mark Vladimirovich, for some reason, throwing it on the sofa crippled legs. So, the actress admitted that the man often gestuet in the mansion and Anastasia loves him.

“My Crimean friend mark Vladimirovich @markpereverzevдовольно a frequent guest in my house.👍🏼 When he comes back from Yalta, we always try to see.😊 Mark is a very bright and kind person. We share many wonderful friends.😊 And when mark goes to visit, our house is getting lighter.😊🌺 I with incredible love and respect for this man.🙏🏻 “- shared his emotions Volochkova. Followers also could not comment on the situation, because the clever dancer chose to hide comments. It is worth noting that Anastasia likes to get in the big house of men: first, there lived a lover incognito, then several times visited mark Vladimirovich, and recently stayed for a long time Nikita Dzhigurda. And that’s about the daughter Arina artist somehow forgot, at the time of the passing of her father, Igor Vdovin.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Anastasia held his daughter Ariadne in seventh grade. The outfit for this artist chose as usual shocking: colorful dress with a huge slit on the leg.

Also celebrity decided to run through the temples. The outfit for this dancer chose my way: svyaschenniki and with a deep neckline.

And Volochkova at the end of the summer I remembered that she has a daughter. And a new horse. So she decided to spend time with your friend.

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