Volochkova showed all that is capable of such slingshots, the world has never seen

Волочкова показала все, на что способна: таких рогаток мир еще не видел


Controversial Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who is bending over backwards to demonstrate to network his “luxurious life”, is increasingly frustrating followers for his publications in Instagram. Artist publishes sponsored posts, that’s why her fans started to worry about the welfare of their pet. And ridiculous antics Volochkova only frustrate even the most devoted fans. So, this time she had decided to show her ballet training at the Barre.

Волочкова показала все, на что способна: таких рогаток мир еще не видел

“How well no comment! I decided to turn my Instagram page into your personal diary. In which generously share photos, videos, thoughts, impressions and light up my life. No need to comment on my life, comment my. And swear on their pages without touching my. So now perfect! And I and others come to look at the posts, and there is no dirt (imagine how mad spiteful critics, biting elbows, and moral and flawed fools and cripples) Nothing. On their accounts the zero of course. And good people, supporting good and positive, like me, will always be there. So see my photos and videos, read the posts. And if you are not interested, unsubscribe or find the strength not to pay attention. Good night, everyone. Good luck, happiness and love! All the people who write nasty things I can say with confidence: disable comments – this is a mega saving me from idiots! A rush to the pig squeal!”, – wrote Volochkova in the caption to the video.

It is worth noting that Anastasia recently disabled the ability to comment on its publications, which really upset her fans. So the followers are unable to Express their opinion about Nastiny slingshots. Note also that the dancer already wrote a long post that got her to remove the comment. But apparently one post was not enough or he was not entirely convincing, so the ballerina decided to reiterate why I disabled comments.

We will remind, Anastasia Volochkova in a wedding dress showed “groom”, but he was a robot.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Volochkova boasted gifts from Crimea.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Volochkova swimsuit dented the snow with twine.

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