Volunteering at: the best programs 2019

Волонтерство в теплых странах: лучшие программы 2019

It is not necessary to wait for summer to get the opportunity to swim in the sea and sunbathe in the sun. You can do volunteering and go to a warm country right now. Worldwide hosts invite volunteers to their homes and provide them with everything necessary. This can be a kennel for dogs, childcare, school children, traditional, or anything else. We bring you interesting programs of 2019.

Волонтерство в теплых странах: лучшие программы 2019

Language cafe, Turkey

To speak English – only rule language café is inviting volunteers for ongoing communication with visitors and help with the housework. The facility is located in the Turkish city of Isparta. The volunteer will work from 6 to 11 PM. And the whole first half of the day free. Cafe owners provide free wi-fi and free food. Program duration: 7 days.

Волонтерство в теплых странах: лучшие программы 2019

Kennel for dogs in Thailand, February

It is situated in the Thai city of Songkhla. Volunteers need 5 hours a day 5 days a week. The program duration is 14 days. In order to become a member, you must know English or Thai language. The owner of the pet – a former teacher from Australia named Tamara. She needs help with feeding, washing, training of animals and trips to the vet. In exchange, she offers free nutrition and humble room. In the house lives 15 dogs, it should be ready.

Волонтерство в теплых странах: лучшие программы 2019

English lessons in Indonesia

To teach English you need for 5 hours a day 5 times a week. Duration – from one week. Erwin is a graduate from the pedagogy, which helps local (Central Java) to study computing and English language. In his free time, volunteer can enjoy the beach. He will also get acquainted with the local cuisine, and visit a host of interesting places. He will get a room with a kitchen, daily meals and even a scooter.

Волонтерство в теплых странах: лучшие программы 2019

Nanny, Maldives

Family from Europe on a small island in the Indian ocean looking for girl who will help in caring for 3-year-old twins, Ocean and Gaia (4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week). Language: Italian, German, English. Advantage is knowledge of Waldorf education and the Montessori system. The volunteer will live in the staff room. It will provide free food and opportunity to go diving and water sports.

Волонтерство в теплых странах: лучшие программы 2019

Hostel, Cambodia

In Kampot, developing a network of hostels that need assistants. Volunteers will be trained to occupy and to evict guests, monitor the bar, cooking Breakfast, arrange a booking and help with the construction of a new building (5 hours / day, 5 days a week). They will live in a room with a kitchen and free to eat. Program duration: from month. Language: English.

Волонтерство в теплых странах: лучшие программы 2019

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