Vorobiev and Dayneko released a joint clip

The song “happy New year, my Champions League” tells the story of two lovers.

Воробьев и Дайнеко выпустили совместный клип

Alex Vorobyov and Victoria Dayneko released a joint video for the song “happy New year, my Champions League (loved one)” in which he played a loving couple who promised each other to meet in ten years. The beginning of the video is an excerpt from the home archive, where the singer and singer performing under their real names. The essence of the movie is that a couple have already broken up but still love each other, therefore, the promise in the New year is just an excuse to meet at the same place.

It is interesting that the couple really was in a romantic relationship in real life, but in 2012, the partners parted on the initiative Vorobyov. After the artists began working on a new video and song, they much more often began to appear in public, carefully portraying the couple. However, it is possible that the plot of the clip is a close copy of reality, because, as in the video, the sparrows in recent years, lives in the US, Dayneko in Russia. However, one difference there really is – in reality the pair started Dating in 2011, and in the movie they by 2008 has already been met.