Vostrikov, a trump broadcasts Putin about the sweet life: it’s disgusting to watch how to cheat

Востриков в гостях у Трампа вещает Путину о сладкой жизни: противно смотреть, как нас обманывают

Russian Igor Vostrikov, who lost in a terrible fire family left for the United States and without hesitation tells of a beautiful life.

The video, which he posted to Instagram.

Востриков в гостях у Трампа вещает Путину о сладкой жизни: противно смотреть, как нас обманывают

For him, the standard of living of Americans is very different from the lives of Russians.

“This is nothing new, I don’t want to say how good it is here and we are all bad. But I hate to see us cheat. I want all people was able to live comfortably. We are no worse than than America,” says Vostrikov.

At the same time, before living in Russia, he is sympathetic to Putin, and even participated in the elections from the party “United Russia”.

Recall that the defense Ministry has boasted of new weapons: and experienced, it seems that the Russians

New weapons received the Russian Navy, which truly dazzles and desorientiert purpose. The project 22350 frigates will be installed station visual optical interference 5P-42 “Filin”.


It is known that these weapons are already on the frigates “Admiral Gorshkov” and “Admiral Kasatonov”.

About it write the Russian mass media with reference to sources in the Ruselectronics holding, which is engaged in the supply of weapons for the Russian army.

As previously reported, “Znayu” Putin’s Ukrainian executioners prepare the sailor to a humiliating examination: mental torture

Captured Ukrainian sailor Denis Gritsenko prepared for psychological and psychiatric examination.


This was announced by the lawyer Nikolai Polozov.

In particular, he said that during the meeting with Ukrainians he talked about a very important PACE decision, which condemned the aggression of Russia in the Kerch Strait.

Also enclosed Ukrainian sailor was interested in the status of other held-sailors.

Also “Znayu” wrote that Putin abandoned missile contract”: a world on the brink of a Third world

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the suspension of Russian participation in the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and short range.


This is reported by the media.

In particular, Putin explained the move mirrored answer, because the US had previously announced its withdrawal from the contract due to failure to comply with its provisions Kremlin.

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