Vulnerability in Windows found 19 years later: millions of users in danger

Уязвимость Windows нашли спустя 19 лет: миллионы пользователей в опасности


WinRAR is one of the most downloaded software in the history of Windows operating systems. Of course, the program is paid, but almost no one paid for it. However, users are unable to pay for it. Sorry for the huge audience of this program, security experts from Check Point Software Technologies found in it a serious mistake that has compromised half a billion users for 19 years. It is reported that information about the threat appeared only in February 2019, and the problem existed for about 19 years.

The bug allows attackers to automatically run malicious code when you unpack ACE files – ACE if you rename the files to RAR, when you open it the contents unloaded in the startup folder. It is strongly recommended not to open suspicious files from strangers.

Simply put, this deficiency has allowed security researchers to place a malicious file in the Windows startup folder, avoiding the need to run WinRAR with elevated privileges. It is worth noting that to date, the number of users under the threat of almost 500 million, However, was used this vulnerability is not reported.

Уязвимость Windows нашли спустя 19 лет: миллионы пользователей в опасности

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