Waited until the last minute: between Markle and Middleton ran a black cat, all through the son

Тянули до последнего: между Маркл и Миддлтон пробежала черная кошка, все через сына

Kate Middleton and Prince William met with his nephew Archie. Nine days after his birth, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who was busy at work, finally found the opportunity to visit the family of Prince Harry arriving in Frogmoor cottage.

According to the representative of the Palace, the meeting was held in private in the evening, may 14. Unknown only took Kate and William their children. Five-year-old George and four-year-old Charlotte, as previously reported by the newspaper The Mirror, already tortured parents question when they will be able to meet my cousin.

Earlier in the day Kate had an official event in Buckinghamshire. Meanwhile, William called for a meeting of the Royal geographical society in London, and Harry visited a hospital in Oxford, where he met with sick children. Moms young patients Harry said that can not imagine my life without my son.

Тянули до последнего: между Маркл и Миддлтон пробежала черная кошка, все через сына

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have met with his eighth great-grandson 8th of may. And grandpa Archie Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, who were on an official visit to Germany, are going to come to Frogmore cottage on Thursday, may 16.

One of the first of the baby congratulated the birth of Harry’s aunt 62-year-old sister of Princess Diana, Jane, Baroness Fellowes. Lady Jane, another sister Diana Sarah Mccorquodale and brother Earl Spencer was mentioned in the official announcement of the birth of Archie.

It said that they, along with the Queen, her husband Prince Charles, Camilla, Kate and William are happy for the news about the replenishment of the family. In the message of the birth of the youngest son of Louis of Cambridge relatives of Diana not mentioned the names, they were called “other family members”.

Recall that Prince William and Meghan Markle to save the Brits at stake – the lives of thousands of people.

As previously reported Znayu level robe off the charts: Meghan Markle has published a recent photo with my son.

Also Znayu wrote that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (British Prince Harry with Meghan Markle) and Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) has launched a hotline for psychological help Shout.

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