Walewska decided on a radical step for the birth of the child

Валевская решилась на радикальный шаг ради рождения ребенка

Natalia Valevskaya has long been talking about his dream: to become a mother. Unfortunately, she is not out.

In social networks, the artist openly share about their everyday concerns, and what I decided to do the surgery, in order to improve health and try to become a mother again.

Валевская решилась на радикальный шаг ради рождения ребенка

“At some point I realized that more than anything I want to be a mother. Everything else is also important, but falls by the wayside compared to this. For many years, unfortunately, this dream remains only a dream. However, I’m not going to give up and determined. It is important that God sent a specialist who correctly diagnose and prescribe effective treatment. I already appeal to the best specialists and firmly believe that everything is done to strengthen the health and will bring much desired result, and the Lord will give us a child,” writes singer in his Facebook.

She also added:

“Therefore, consciously make the next step and go for the surgery for my health and for the health of our future baby”

It is worth mentioning that the famous singer Alla Pugacheva prefers not to publish in social networks the details of his personal life, but it’s love makes the beloved husband Maxim Galkin. The comedian is a frequent contributor to Instagram a cute photo of his family.

Валевская решилась на радикальный шаг ради рождения ребенка

Pugacheva and Galkin

Maxim recently showed how Alla was going shopping with her daughter Lisa. It is worth noting that on walking 69-year-old Diva dressed in a very / in a short black skirt, jacket and hat. Galkin the question about where they are going with Alla, Lisa said that they will buy gifts for mom.

“Today only a little of my completely weekend in February without shooting and concerts. Walked with Garik. Lisa went with mom to the store for gifts for me and Garik on February 23. When I asked Lisa where they she tried to hide as best they could, the purpose of the trip,” writes the comedian.

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