Walking dead man: Resident of Kazakhstan returned home two months after his funeral

The incident occurred with 63-year-old resident of the Kazakh city of Atyrau, who left home and never returned. The incredible story of an elderly man told the publication Sputnik Kazakhstan.

Ходячий «мертвец»: Житель Казахстана вернулся домой спустя два месяца после своих похорон

According to the provided information, the man left the house on 20 June, without notifying relatives, but they are not worried, because he did it before. A month later, the relatives gave the police a statement about the loss and some time later they were presented with the decayed remains, in which the examination with almost 100% accuracy determined missing.

However, the resident of Kazakhstan returned home two months after his funeral. Recovering from the shock, the relatives questioned the walking “dead man” about the place of his stay. According to the man, he was hired to work for farmers in the Atyrau oblast, and spent four months in their lands.

Indignant relatives of the deceased decided to apply to the court for employees who conducted the examination, and law enforcement.