We need to look at Chambers, the new series of fear of Netflix ? (critical)

Faut-il regarder Chambers, la nouvelle série d'angoisse de Netflix ? (critique)

A drama uneven and curious, led by Uma Thurman, Tony Goldwyn, and a young first native american brilliant.

Presented in preview at Series Mania last month, with the special appearance of superstar hollywood Uma Thurman, the series of Chambers , will be launched on Netflix this Friday. A drama angst supernatural licked, intriguing, but too slow.

It tells the story of Sasha, a young native american living in a land desert of Arizona with his uncle. Then she spends the evening with her boyfriend, the high school student suddenly of a heart attack. Transplanted in emergencies, she now lives with the heart of Becky, a teenage girl living in the posh city of the region, and died the same night as Sasha. Strange things will begin to occur when the parents of Becky will land and start to build a relationship twisted with the one who received the heart of their daughter…

If there is a lot of potential in this drama to psychological horror, there’s also something to be puzzled. Chambers is a funny creation Netflix, a curiosity at the crossroads of the series of anguish, of the supernatural, of the social drama, and the documentary about the place of native americans (in this case the descendants of Navaros) in the west to arid in the United States.

He must admit, after the first few episodes, we don’t really know what the series wants to tell us, or where she wants to take us. Mourning the loss, the inequalities, the life of teenagers and a small pinch of mystical “Native American” in addition, Chambers is sometimes a bit of a catch-all, but manages to hang up the wagons around an atmosphere that is macabre and fascinating from a naturalistic setting of desert rough and dusty quite hypnotic.

Faut-il regarder Chambers, la nouvelle série d'angoisse de Netflix ? (critique)

“We play on a permanent tension, more than on jump scares“, admitted to Lille the designer, Leah Rachel. Actually, Chambers is less a horror series than a series of ambient, unhealthy relationships way Rosemary’s Baby. And the direction fantastico-spiritualist pretty awkward that she is going to take later is not necessarily more happy.

Especially as the pace is terribly slow. The plot unravels tedious and struggling to stay exciting with each episode. So much so, that it is said that Chambers would have certainly earned to be picked up in 5 or 6 episodes. Fortunately, the cast allows the series to stay afloat. Tony Goldwyn and Uma Thurman, are impeccable in parents dreary and devastated, and happen subtly to give us cold sweats. As for the younger Sivan, Alyra Rose, unknown to the battalion, it is simply the revelation of this strange drama uneven.

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