We need to look at the series Dad or Mom on M6 ? (critical)

Faut-il regarder la série Papa ou Maman sur M6 ? (critique)

The adaptation of the hit comedy has the same ingredients : rhythm and yet the rhythm. A 6 x 52 min, which seems to last for 2 hours.

After The Ghosts and Hippocrates, the Dad or Mom. Adapt in a series of successful films is not new (of M. A. S. H. in Fargo , or The fatal Weapon, the process is common in the U.s.), but this trend now seems to be winning the France, and this, for the better.

As is customary in such cases, any changes (the actors) but nothing changes (mood, aesthetic). Writers of both original films and guarantors of the continuity of writing, Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de la Patellière are the creators with Eliane Montane – defector of Ten percent, and Scenes of households. It begins, as in Dad or Mom’s first name, by an implosion, that of the family Mendes : Cesar and Isabelle, the parents, are separated. All shots are now enabled to attract the good graces of the children and, above all, to rot the life of the other ! Here we find everything that made the charm of the films : the side corrosive, limit trash, the evil spirit and the tempo. Led to a train of hell, the series Dad or Mom owes much to the slaughter of its performers, Émilie Caen (a tornado !) and Florent Peyre (less charismatic as Laurent Lafitte , but solid comic actor).

But it is on the side of the supporting roles that it is necessary to find a real value-added. Eye Haïdara, the revelation of the Meaning of the feast (the assistant aboyeuse of Bacri), brings its chat and its madness in the role of the good friend of the couple, when the inimitable Sébastien Pierre reveals to brother blundering of the husband.

Dad or Mom, season 1 of 6 episodes, starting Thursday 6 December 2018 on M6.