Well-known nutritionist named the most useful color products

Известный диетолог назвала самый полезный цвет продуктов

Famous Ukrainian nutritionist Ekaterina Tolstikova called the color of products that will bring maximum benefit to the body and explained what is their value. The information Catherine had shared in his Instagram. It is reported by the Clutch.

So, according to a nutritionist, the most useful color green.

Известный диетолог назвала самый полезный цвет продуктов

Why is it so important to eat green products?

If we delve into molecules, we can find a lot of interesting substances. Almost all green foods have a powerful effect on the body:

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Anti-cancer (prevention of cancer);
  • The protection of cells from various influences (antioxidant);
  • Improving cognitive functions and working of the brain;
  • Normalization of the hormonal balance;
  • Maintaining the health of the skin, cardiovascular system and liver;
  • Participate in the physiological function of detox;
  • Supports fertility;
  • The prevention of aging.

All of these effects occur due to the molecules that are in this food. This and EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), indole-3-carbinol, sulforaphane, theanine, isoflavones, glucosinolates, folate, catechins and many other substances.

Известный диетолог назвала самый полезный цвет продуктов

The products to include in your list #musteateveryday:

  • Asparagus and green beans;
  • Spinach, arugula, Basil, dill, parsley, onion and whole herbs;
  • Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, summer squash, zucchini;
  • Celery;
  • Cale;
  • Avocado;
  • Cucumber;
  • Green peas;
  • Bell pepper;
  • Artichoke;
  • Lime;
  • Olives;
  • All sorts of sprouts and leaves of root crops;
  • Bok Choy;
  • And, of course, real green tea;

Not necessarily just in one day has absolutely everything, but it is important that every day you have on this list was something. You remember that health is not a condition; it is a process that consists of daily actions, not what you did yesterday, or going to do tomorrow.

Известный диетолог назвала самый полезный цвет продуктов

By the way, numerous studies by psychologists have shown that products of bright colors (red, yellow, etc.) and shiny (for example, polit oil, frosting) on a subconscious level to stimulate the appetite.

While products are quiet shades, especially the green tones, do not cause pronounced impulses to eat.

In other words, red bell pepper looks like for our brain is much more appetizing than the same, but green.

So, if you want to eat less, not to overload the stomach, and gradually get rid of excess weight, it makes sense to choose green products.

Recall that a diet high in vegetables and olive oil reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 25 %.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” the researchers from America, analyzing the eating habits and mental health 26656 thousand people came to the conclusion that consumption of walnuts reduces the risk of developing depression.

Also “Znayu” I wrote, our body needs a steady intake of food throughout the day. So when we restrict or do not give food, he starts to experience stress, because of which the subcutaneous fat is suspended.

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