Wet the star of the show “Kitchen” showed their hypnotic shapes

Мокрая звезда сериала "Кухня" показала свои гипнотические формы

Russian actress Maria Gorban boasted a gorgeous figure on vacation, reports replyua.net. Celebrity now rests on Sri Lanka and every day publishes hot pics from vacation. This time, the actress showed appetizing ass and perfect smooth tan. Note, more than 28 thousand people put hot pictures of your likes. Many followers began to actively comment on the post, admiring a celebrity.

Мокрая звезда сериала "Кухня" показала свои гипнотические формы

“Beauty. I love You,” “you’re so juicy”, “That’s really really hot morning”, “You Have a very beautiful body”, “Sunny”, “You’re so bright and cheerful, direct radiate happiness! How to cope with stress? How is it to always stay positive?”, “Gorgeous photo!”, “Beautiful dimples on the lower back! Love these photo”, “Delicious”, “You the bomb, sexy,” write with admiration for the followers of Maria Gorban.

Earlier we wrote that the famous actress Maria Gorban, star of TV series “Kitchen” has pleased fans with bright new photo shoot. Thus, the background for the new photoset Maria became beautiful views of the Paradise resort in Sri Lanka.

Мокрая звезда сериала "Кухня" показала свои гипнотические формы

The photo turned out very mysterious. Masha had to pose almost Nude – swimsuit barely covered her naked body. The actress posed on the stone, while in the background babbling waterfall. First a girl and certainly could make for another person. However, in the second picture, Maria Gorban turned over his shoulder and showed his lovely face, than pleased the fans.

Also earlier it was reported that in Moscow the star of the famous Russian series “Kitchen” Dmitry Nazarov gave an accident – the actor was hit by a drunk pedestrian.

The incident occurred on the Warsaw highway, Nazarov driving the Audi ran at the man, who allegedly crossed the road in the wrong place. The pedestrian received a significant injury.

The actor immediately called the doctors, who hospitalized the victim, he was diagnosed with a fracture of the bones of the forearm.

Recall, Bradley Cooper added fuel to the fire: between Lady Gaga’s just something there.

As reported Znayu Pamela Anderson surprised shocking way: there are more than trotted.

Also Znayu wrote, Kate Middleton wants a fourth child: Prince William will do anything to make her happy.

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