What hides Instagram: functions, which do not even know guru selfie

Что скрывает Instagram: функции, о которых не знают даже гуру селфи

We will talk about some of the features.
How to make your life easier with the help of Instagram?

  1. Create a list of “Close friends”

To this function start to work, you need to create a list. You choose the people themselves and then just share with them your photos. A very handy feature if you want to post a photo or story and make it available only for a certain circle of people.

You can create a fake profile and add it to the list of “Best friends”. So you can see how it will look post which you want to publish. With the help of fake web page, you can check the quality of the video or photo you post. Stories can also be checked in a similar way, but there is another interesting point – you can publish it only for the fake page, to make a picture the album cover in khaylayts, but the very stories will never see your friends.

  1. Add a few links in profile

In the header of the profile can only put one link, and you want more. What to do?

There are plenty of apps that will help you to do this, for example Linktree.

  1. Hide comments

You can forbid some users to leave comments you have on the page under the posts, and also to enable the filter.

  1. Allow you to view Stories only some users

You can hide stories from work colleagues and detractors.

  1. Stories to hide some users

Boring stories can be easily hidden if you are tired of them constantly flip through. Hold your finger on the avatar of the person who you’re not interested, and select “remove from history”.

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