What is the alcohol instantly causes addiction: experts surprised by the results

Какой алкоголь моментально вызывает зависимость: эксперты удивили результатами

Scientists at Indiana University found that beer is the most highly addictive of all alcoholic drinks. This is due to the fact that the beer acts on the body as the strongest “dopamine stimulator.”

This is stated in the results of studies of the Medical school of Indiana University.

Scientists conducted an experiment, which involved 50 men of different ages who consumed various alcoholic drinks. It turned out that after drinking beer, the blood is ejected the highest amount of dopamine – a neurotransmitter, also known as the “pleasure hormone”.


Какой алкоголь моментально вызывает зависимость: эксперты удивили результатами

Regular bursts of dopamine cause people addiction they begin to want something that causes the body to produce more dopamine. Thus, drinking beer can be a major factor in the development of alcoholism.

However, beer is not the only alcoholic beverage that is highly addictive. Scientists explain: the more alcohol related chemical compounds, the worse it is for processing by the body.

So they found some of the most harmful and detrimental to the body of alcoholic products is, in their opinion, alcoholic cocktails with many ingredients, champagne and liqueurs.

We will remind, earlier “Znayu” wrote that on February 6, about 16:00, police received a complaint on a woman in broad daylight on the Avenue Kursk was drunk with a young child. Witnesses drew attention to the fact that a crying baby was asked to feed her and take him home because he was cold. The arrived inspectors found a grief-the mother of 7-year-old child. Communicating with mother, the patrol discovered that she was drunk.

In addition, “Znayu” I wrote about the fact that some alcoholic beverages have a positive effect on the skin of the person. The main thing – do not overdo it. Experts have compiled a list of drinks that will make you years younger, according to Politeka.

Information portal “Znayu” he reported: “we All know about the dangers of alcohol on human health. Some types of alcohol can even be useful of course, if you consume them in moderation. Rum is not only a favorite winter beverage for many, but is famous for its antibacterial properties. For the battle damage on the skin and acne specialists suggest diluting rum in the proportion of 1 to 2 with plain water and apply to problem areas. After 5 minutes the compress should be removed and wash.”

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