What to give the traveler: 10 interesting ideas

Что подарить путешественнику: 10 интересных идей

When it comes to gifts, you always want to come up with something original and unusual. Something that would bring joy and useful, and not be collecting dust on the shelf. And especially when it comes to the traveler, the man who visited many countries and want to travel around the world. Why not give him something that will be useful in your next trip?

Что подарить путешественнику: 10 интересных идей

We offer you 10 interesting gift ideas for travelers

The cover on the suitcase

With original case your friend will never lose your bag among many similar bags in dark colors. Prints very much: the sea, mountains, landscapes, Paris, Prague, Venice, London and other cities.

Что подарить путешественнику: 10 интересных идей

Dense rain cover

It is the thing which will be useful in any journey. For some reason, often overlook it. Therefore, it is a great idea for a gift. Importantly, the raincoat was tight, compact and durable.

Jars for cosmetics

If the traveler knows that cosmetics should always be stored in small compact bottles and jars. What to do – these are the rules of the airlines.

Что подарить путешественнику: 10 интересных идей

Bag for chargers and accessories

This is a very useful gift that will help to keep in order to charge various gadgets, headphones, cables and other technical things.

Narrative clip-on camera

This compact camera is very simply attached to clothing. It automatically takes 2 photos every minute. The battery holds a charge for about 30 hours, and lack of memory as much as 6000 pictures. Pictures from the camera you can throw on a laptop or smartphone via a USB port. Agree, useful gift! After all, the mobile phone constantly does not have enough memory, or it is discharged, and a camera to carry with them is not always convenient.

Что подарить путешественнику: 10 интересных идей

The box of memories

Many people bring travel various pleasant trifles: tickets from transport Museum or gallery, local currency, photographs and various Souvenirs. All it wants to store on a prominent place. A great option and will become a stylish piggy Bank of memories.

Что подарить путешественнику: 10 интересных идей

Portable charger

Even if it has been your friend, second, it never hurts. Battery gadget is rarely long enough. And do not always have the ability to charge your smartphone or tablet from the network. In these moments, and come to the aid of powerbank.

Travel Map

This is a great gift for the traveler who has already visited many countries. He enthusiastically will celebrate cities and countries that have already visited. This card will fit perfectly into any design and will make the room more stylish.

Что подарить путешественнику: 10 интересных идей

Waterproof camera case

It will protect the camera from snow, rain, moisture, sand and dust. Through this case your friend will be able to shoot awesome videos and take pictures in any weather and in any conditions.

Inflatable pillow for sleeping in the road

This is a very useful thing, which helps. It will allow you to forget about tiredness and discomfort. Pillows come in a variety of variations – in any color and any shape.

Что подарить путешественнику: 10 интересных идей

This is only a small part of what you can give to the traveler. Great options will also become an organiser for clothes or cosmetics, travel book, passport cover, socks, original prints, sky map and much more. The main thing – to present a gift with warm feelings and a smile. And don’t forget about the original packaging. For example, in the form of a map. Traveler definitely will appreciate it.

Что подарить путешественнику: 10 интересных идей

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