What to see on Amazon Prime Video in France in December 2018 ?

Que voir sur Amazon Prime Vidéo en France en décembre 2018 ?

It is finally the time of the return of the fabulous Ms. Maisel !

The fabulous Ms. Maisel, season 2 : December 5,

After the triumph of Midge at the Gaslight, the secret of Sophie Lennon that she has exhibited is still very present, which makes his ascension in the world of comedy even more difficult than before. While the price to pay to become a comic actress begins to have consequences on the life of Midge, the pressures to confess the truth to his family weigh heavily on her, especially because her choices have repercussions on all the people around her (all his relatives).

Coldplay, a Head Full of Dreams (documentary)

A Head Full of Dreams immerses us in the intimacy of the group for us to relive his ascent to the spectacular, from the back rooms of pubs in london Camden to sold-out concerts in the largest stadiums on the planet. This story is primarily that of a brotherhood, undying, which has enabled the group to stay connected throughout their journey. The film is signed by Mat Whitecross, who has directed Supersonic, the documentary of the acclaimed Oasis, released in 2016. Mat Whitecross met with the four friends at the university of London, before the formation of the group. As soon as their first repetitions are’ in the cramped space of a dorm room, it was already there to capture the songs and the discussions on tape. With numerous images of unpublished archive material and footage filmed backstage and during the concerts, A Head Full of Dreams invites the group to come back on twenty years of adventures in common. The images were filmed during the tour to record ” A Head Full Of Dreams “, third tour the most lucrative of the story, which has attracted more than 5.5 million fans around the world.

Que voir sur Amazon Prime Vidéo en France en décembre 2018 ?

The other series to come

Alex – season 1 – 1st December
The Good Doctor – season 1 – 1st December
Keeping Faith – Season 1 – 1st December
Farina : Cocaine Coast – Season 1 – 1st December
District Banks – Season 1 – 1st December
We Are All Alien – 1st December

Upcoming movies

Elizabeth Harvest – December 5,
The Super – 12 December
Breathe – December 14,
The young girls of Rochefort – December 15,
Jules and Jim – December 15,
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg – December 15,
Stolen kisses – on December 15,
Peau D’âne – December 15,
The Last Metro – December 15,
Fahrenheit 9/11 – December 20,