Where to find cheap bus tickets to Europe

Где искать дешевые билеты на автобус по Европе

One of the most simple, cheap, effective and comfortable ways to travel across Europe travel by bus. It’s not just on flights within the country, but also between different cities in different countries.

Carriers often offer tickets at great value and satisfied with shocking sales. Because of this, for example, from Austria to Slovakia can be reached on a comfortable bus with a personal screen for movies, drinks and wi-fi for only a few euros.

Где искать дешевые билеты на автобус по Европе

Looking for cheap bus tickets through intermediaries. The most popular service is GoEuro. If you are not tied to a date and want to find stunning discounts, it is better to search on the official websites of the companies.

The most popular are:

Flixbus is the main bus giant in Europe over the last few years. Here very often you can find tickets for 5 euros. The company performs transportation all over Europe, and more recently from Ukraine. Here are a number of routes and flights with different departure times in one day, which is very convenient.

Где искать дешевые билеты на автобус по Европе

Polskibus – it was possible to buy bus tickets in Poland for a shocking value of 1 zloty and very cheap tickets to EU. Recently the company was bought by Flixbus, which was mentioned above. After that, prices rose, but not significantly.

Eurolines is considered a competitor Flixbus throughout Europe. He also makes connections to the countries and cities of the EU.

Alsa – carrier in Portugal and Spain. Makes also flights between these countries. Incredibly convenient to get to the South of Portugal (for example. Flixbus and Eurolines do not operate flights to this part of the country).

RegioJet – Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia. Tickets for the bus in these three countries should look here. The company often offers to buy tickets at an incredibly low cost – only 1 Euro. Flights are almost every day. And the buses are incredibly comfortable and modern.

Где искать дешевые билеты на автобус по Европе

Ouibus , a French carrier that operates flights to France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. The site presents the tickets from 5 euros, which is quite low.

Busfor – Ukrainian service, the site which contains all the options from carriers that travel through Ukraine and to Europe. The company often arranges the sale. For example, every Thursday you can purchase a ticket for only 50 UAH. Be prepared for the fact that the buses are not always present wi-fi, personal monitors and air conditioning.

Ecolines – the company makes a lot of flights for Central Europe and the Baltic States. Not all buses of the carrier super-comfortable, but thanks to the carrier is convenient to get from Kiev and other Ukrainian cities in Europe.

Где искать дешевые билеты на автобус по Европе

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