Where to go for may holidays: interesting ideas

Куда поехать на майские праздники: интересные идеи

Before the may holidays, there is less time. And in 2019 they will last for five days. This is a great opportunity to spend time with family or friends, get a boost of energy and inspiration. And we had some interesting ideas on how to spend the may holidays.

To get a good rest do not have to go abroad – to the resorts or to Europe. In Ukraine there are a huge number of beautiful places, striking in its beauty and picturesqueness. About them we will tell.

How and where to spend the may holidays in Kiev

The festival of Easter eggs

On St. Sophia square in Kyiv will host the annual festival of Easter eggs. Features: exhibition of the collection of Easter eggs and Easter cakes, the show “374 artist”, fair, entertainment area. All this will last until may 9.

Куда поехать на майские праздники: интересные идеи

The festival of Easter eggs

Address: reserve Sophia of Kyiv.

Price: check with.

The Museum “Pirogovo”

If you haven’t decided where to go for the may holidays in the capital, visit the Museum under the open sky “pirohovo.” Offers huge amount of entertainment: games, fair, concert.

Moreover, you will get the opportunity not only to organize a picnic in a clearing surrounded by old wooden windmills and wind turbines, but also to plunge into the history of Ukrainian traditions of the XVI century.

“Pirogovo” is a 131 hectares near Kiev, here is 300 architectural monuments from authentic Ukrainian hut to a pottery workshop and smithy.

Also in the Museum you can enjoy a family tour weekend.

Куда поехать на майские праздники: интересные идеи

Where to go on holidays in may

Address: S. Pirogovo, Krasnoznamennaya str, 1.

Price: 20-40 USD.

Zoo “12 Months”

Still don’t know where to take child for the may holidays in Kiev? 16 hectares, more than a hundred animals, playgrounds and a fairy tale castle in the Bavarian style is the perfect place to relax and have a good time with the kids. Moreover, a small Park especially will love the opportunity to feed the animals. And there is also a small zoo where you can pet its inhabitants.

Куда поехать на майские праздники: интересные идеи

Where to go on holidays in may

Address: S. Demidov, overbuy, 79.

Price: 50-150 UAH.

Ethnographic complex “Ukrainian village”

If you are interested in folk traditions and history of Ukraine, it’s time to visit the complex “Ukrainian village”. Here you will find: the history Museum, Park, zoo, hotel, restaurant and even Church. And on may 1 in the Church everyone will be able to get to the Church Liturgy and bless the Easter baskets, if they haven’t previously.

Куда поехать на майские праздники: интересные идеи

Where to go on holidays in may

Address: p. Buzovaya, Lesnaja Polyana, 60.

Yasnogorodskaya ostrich farm

Here are just three of the zoo, with ostriches, contact with Pets and a petting zoo. Rest assured, your children will be delighted.

An experienced guide will take you on a tour Yasnogorodsky ostrich farm you can learn how to shoot a bow, ride a recumbent and jump on the huge trampolines.

Address: yasnogorodka village, Podlesnaya str., 32.

Ticket price: 20 UAH.

Park “Kievan Rus”

Like in the Park “Pirogovo”, guests are transported to the era of the ancient Slavs and Cossacks. Visitors will be able not only to learn, cook and eat ancient people, but to sample some historic dishes. You can also learn about the customs and rituals of the ancient games and entertainment, and the desire to even participate in them.

According to the program, April 30, may 1-3 at the Park “Kievan Rus” will celebrate Easter, and on may 7-8, there will be a performance of the circus “Karabas Barabas”.

At the same time every day, outings, various workshops, horse riding.

Куда поехать на майские праздники: интересные идеи

Kievan Rus

Address: Obukhov district, village Kopachiv (34 km from Kyiv)

Price: 30-100 UAH.

Where to go on holidays in may: Kharkiv region

Long trolls in Chuguev

Don’t know how to have fun in Kiev? Chuguev is a long Troll, which will delight not only children but also adults. This is the construction of a stretched rope and equipment with which the person descends at a high speed. So festive dose of adrenaline.

Kharkiv trolls stretched along the Seversky Donets river, the Park Repin. Its length is as much as 720 meters. The attraction is located near the boat station, so here you will be able to ride a kayak, sunbath or just chat with friends in the meadow.

Price descent: from 50 UAH.

Excursion “Ukrainian Kharkov”

On may 1 there will be a tour to the historical places of Kharkov. You will be able to learn the history of the ancient temples, to hear the story about the famous Kharkiv, about the legendary “School romance”, as well as learn about the man who was the first in the Russian Empire began to teach in the Ukrainian language. If you still don’t know where to go in the may output, the tour of their hometown – perfect budget and have fun, because the ticket price is 100 UAH.

Куда поехать на майские праздники: интересные идеи

Where to go on holidays in may

Address: Poltavskiy Shlyah, 50.

Price: 100 UAH.

Where to go for holidays in may: Odessa

“Jazz of love”

30 April in Odessa will take place the concert of “jazz of love”, dedicated to the International day of jazz. Visitors will be able to listen to the music of three jazz performers from around the world: Khalif ‘Wailin’ Walters, Charles Turner III and Rachel Therrien. No cost and no Ukrainian luminaries of the jazz – Alexey Petukhov, Nikolay Goloshchapov, Sergei Terentyev.

Address: concert hall “OK Odessa”, Gagarin plateau 5 and the Platform 7 , Malaya Arnautskaya St., 56.

Time: from 19:00-23:00.

Price: 450-800 hryvnia.

Festival Maevka

Prior to may 1 in the entertainment complex “Golden Bugaz” in Gribovka will host the electronic music festival Maevka. More than 30 DJs will play non-stop set length of 60 hours. Among the participants, Dusty Kid, Djuma Soundsystem, DJ Kon`, Miss Monique and others

Price: from 600 UAH.

Festival “White Bastion”

May 1, on the territory of Akkerman fortress will be jousting festival. Visitors will be able to see medieval battles, visit the fair of craftsmen and special entertainment, as well as to eat at the food court.

The festival will run bus tours.

Куда поехать на майские праздники: интересные идеи

Where to go on holidays in may

Price: 600 UAH (Tur). And if you go by car, the event ticket cost is quite inexpensive – 150 hryvnia.

Where to go for the may holidays in Lviv

IX festival of Easter eggs

To 5 may in Lviv on the Museum square will host the festival of Easter eggs. You will be able not only to witness more amazing Easter eggs, but also to paint the egg.

Куда поехать на майские праздники: интересные идеи

Where to go on holidays in may

Price: free.


May 2 on Market square will host a sports tournament of knights. Guests will see real life jousting and fighting, try on armour and experience the atmosphere of the middle ages.

Working hours: from 11:00 to 22:00.

Price: free.

The day of the city

3 through 5 may in Lviv will celebrate the city Day. At Market square will host an exhibition of retro-cars, light show, flash mobs and even poetry contests. And will perform on stage with such artists as “pikkardiyska Tertsiya”, “Dudaryk”, Yuri gnatkovs’ky, Wszystko, INSO, Rockoko and others.

Time: from 10:00 to 22:00.

Price: free.

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