While the parents were sleeping, a wild animal stole the baby right out of the cradle: video

Пока родители спали, дикое животное похитило малыша прямо из колыбели: видео


In Australia, on the coast of Fraser island has been an extraordinary event.

This is reported by the media.

In particular, we are talking about the fact that a dog Dinko unexpectedly kidnapped child. It is known that the baby was just a year old, when the animal pulled him out of the cradle into the trailer when he slept.

Fortunately the child was rescued, as parents, hearing the noise woke up and was able to catch the dog. Thus the infant had to be rushed to hospital with deep wounds to the head and neck. The island has already sent Rangers, as a similar attack on the people recorded for the third time.

It is worth mentioning that sometimes a close acquaintance with wild nature can be pretty scary – in our own experience, the tourists who went to the Kruger national Park (South Africa). Riding up to the elephant, which perekusa green branches, people were taking video of him, but at some point the animal decided that he did not have enough personal space, and immediately lost his equanimity and peacefulness.

We will remind, in a network there was video where the woman walks among high-rise buildings of Kiev unusual animal. From Kiev for several years growing in his apartment a huge pig. And like a dog, takes her for a walk in the yard on a leash.

As reported “Znayu” recently in the English County of South Yorkshire in Doncaster, there was a strange case. On the lake began to disappear ducks. According to local residents, just a few days the ducks became significantly less.

And soon found dead and the alleged perpetrator. Davey and Lisa Holmes caught a dead monster. The couple, who were walking in the Park on Monday, April 15, suddenly noticed a strange creature off the coast of the lake.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that surely most fans of horror have seen a terrible film, which was released in 2011, titled “nowhere to Hide” about the bloody crazy maniac Bunny-Man or Man-rabbit. But few know that this film is based on real urban legends.

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