White crow: Lisa Galkin does not appear on the show “the best” because of the shy brother

The son of a showman not used to the increased attention and filming.

Белая ворона: Лиза Галкина не появится на шоу «Лучше всех» из-за стеснительного брата

For a long time Anastasia has held leadership positions in the popularity of social networks among domestic stars due to the scandalous and racy publications. However, on one of the TV show, which was attended by a ballerina, she was told that the palm in this matter it will have to pass the star twins Lisa and Harry, appeared in the family of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva. As it turned out, pretty posts singer and broadcaster with adorable kids interest the public far more than another drunken scandal, Volochkova, or anything else. When the twins are a little older it turned out that Lisa from an early age reveals the makings of artistry and incredible talent, boldly speaking in front of cameras, not even hesitating attention. As for Harry, he behaves in a more restrained, often hesitate shooting. Because of this, his sister has become a real popular favourite, and the unofficial favorite of the fans.

Maxim Galkin often shared in social networks the fragments of his transmission is “best”, dedicated to young talents. Under each of these publications enthusiastic fans beg the showman to lead to transfer lease as it is, in their opinion, will simply overshadow all and prove that stellar genes really work. For some unknown reason, all these comments Galkin leaves unanswered, ignoring the wishes of the subscribers.

Белая ворона: Лиза Галкина не появится на шоу «Лучше всех» из-за стеснительного брата


It is obvious that the showman does not want to lead to show his daughter, how he’s hurt Harry, if you do not invite him over, thus making the boy a black sheep in their family. Most likely, the presenter is not confident that Harry will manage to captivate the audience on the level of Lisa and is afraid of failure the boy. So the young artist was not destined to appear in the program because of the shy brother.