Who will take control of the genetic modification of people

The world health organization warned that the change in genes can have unpredictable consequences.

ВОЗ возьмет под свой контроль генетическую модификацию людей

The Director-General of the organization of CEDROS Azan, Ghebreyesus said about the further establishment of an expert group to develop clear guidelines and standards after a study of ethical issues and security considerations modifications of human genes. “Edit genes can have unintended consequences, these are uncharted waters, and this should be treated seriously,” Ghebreyesus said.

The Chinese government last Thursday issued a decree banning the activities of the scientists involved in the editing of human genes, once the Chinese scientist said he edited the genes of twins.

According to the head of the who group of experts will convene scientists who are doing genetic engineering in human DNA, to verify the social and ethical issues, and security issues before scientists will be made of any kind of manipulation. “We are talking about people, editing should not harm the well-being of the future person. We have to be very careful, the working group will be to do it with all openness and transparency,” said Tedros.