Who will want a respirator?

In reaction to Brigitte Breton’s chronicle “For whom the respirator?”, Of March 28 It is comforting to note that committees of ethicists are reflecting on a national triage protocol for intensive care, in case of shortage of resources.
The reflections owers inform enormously teams of health professionals and social services that will have major decisions regarding the prioritization process.

It will be quite a challenge! The intense work in interdisciplinarity will be of immense support and great help. What will be most beneficial to them are the informed and free choices left to them by the most vulnerable, the most advanced in life and vitality. Ability, in their rights to know the advantages, disadvantages and risks of intense / massive / possible treatments vs COVID-19.

Apt, in the exercise of their rights to accept or refuse or to stop the intensive treatments offered. If become unfit, in advance end-of-life directives; in warrants; in advance medical directives. It is upstream that the discussions will be the most appropriate and the most prolific. All of this, to better take care of yourself, your loved ones, caregivers and their establishments. In short, to better take care of Life and living.

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