Whoopi Goldberg came back from the dead: death is already breathing in the back

Вупи Голдберг вернулась с того света: смерть уже дышала в спину

Legendary actress and darling of the billion Whoopi Goldberg returned from the brink of death. Within a month the 63-year-old star teetered on the threshold of the irreversible, but finally appeared in public to appease the fans. She said still not fully recovered after the severe forms of pneumonia, but recovering and going back into the frame.

Вупи Голдберг вернулась с того света: смерть уже дышала в спину

For the life of Whoopi, who for a month was confined to a hospital bed with severe pneumonia, worried fans worldwide. The actress was feeling better and came on the talk show The View. Tears of joy and applause – such was the audience’s reaction to the appearance of the pet. Goldberg confirmed that he almost died.

“I’m not back yet. But I’ll feel better only if I start working and I start” – reassured Goldberg fans.

Вупи Голдберг вернулась с того света: смерть уже дышала в спину

The Russian audience Whoopi Goldberg is known, in particular, in the romantic melodrama “Ghost”. The film also starred Patrick Swayze and demi Moore. This work Goldberg – ODA Mae brown – has brought the actress “Oscar”.

The actress was on the verge of death, she had affected both lungs. Viewers have not seen the actress for more than a month. Only recently the actress spoke to reporters. “I get up and can move. Not as fast as I would like it, but I’m fine,” said Goldberg. According to the actress, she was very close to leaving the ground, reports the Associated Press.

A much worse case of Russian singer Yulia Nachalova. Julie is now also sick with severe pneumonia and is on a hospital bed in a coma. The doctors said that Nachalova has not regained consciousness, and she started pulmonary edema. Many of the media heard the word “edema” from the mouth of the doctors have attributed Nachalovo the fate of Jeanne Friske, which she has a direct relationship, and talked about cerebral edema. Fortunately, the brain is Nachalovo not affected, but to rejoice still early.

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