“Why be like Volochkova?”: Fans urged the singer to abandon the parks

Such outerwear, but still with the colored fur, long out of fashion, I assure users of Instagram.

«Зачем уподобляться Волочковой?»: Поклонники призвали Ани Лорак отказаться от парки

Ukrainian pop diva Ani Lorak has decided to keep up with other artists and engaged in the advertising Network. In her Instagram account has a photo which shows the singer in a stylish Park with purple fur.

Park the singer has presented as his new favorite coat and then asked – was insulated, if the rest of her followers. Subscribers do not begin to hesitate with the answers. They said that a month ago, stocked with outerwear, knowing the vagaries of the weather. Here are just a selection of the artist not all fit their taste. Many agreed that the Park is comfortable and stylish. “You will go, seems to be even sexier than steel,” wrote the user. “Sit and admire my Diva. Caro, all you look good,” said fans.

However, not all divide their excitement. “Take off You these parks are terrible. Why be like Volochkova? You have a career it’s all cool, not that sour impurity”. “Color the fur is longer in the trend. Let freedom our advertisers-sellers,” said celebrity fashion experts.

The rest are seriously worried about the health of the artist. It seemed strange that in all the pictures of Ani Lorak turns his head, and they immediately assumed that their pet problems with cervical spine.

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