Why Kaley Cuoco has close to never playing Penny in The Big Bang Theory

Pourquoi Kaley Cuoco a failli ne jamais jouer Penny dans The Big Bang Theory

The pretty Penny was not in the first pilot of the sitcom…

It was a little hard to imagine The Big Bang Theory without Penny. And yet, it would have to be the case. Actress Kaley Cuoco, who will finish in a few weeks the role of his life, after 12 years in the skin of the pretty blonde next door, explains that she has close to never be.

In fact, in the first rotated version of The Big Bang Theory, there was not a Penny, but a certain Katie, played by another actress : “In the first pilot, the character was not as attractive, it was not the perfect “Girl Next Door” to say things”, says first responsible for the contents of Warner Bros, Peter Roth, to TV Insider. “This was not the fault of the actress [Amanda Walsh], but rather the concept of the character was wrong. Fortunately, Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment, has realized that we had something very special and said : ‘Ok, no problem, we’ll do it again”.

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Cuoco remembers : “I have not had the role of Katie the first time that I have passed the casting. I was too young – what I like to say, because I can no longer say this today [Laughter] – And then , a year later, I heard that they were restarted. They were going to return to the driver. Then they reminded me to the audition, this time for the role of Penny.”

The season 12 finale of The Big Bang Theory will end on the 14th of may next on CBS and in France on Canal + series.

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