Why Stephen Amell was asked to put an end to Arrow

Pourquoi Stephen Amell a demandé à mettre fin à Arrow

“I had to think what was best for me personally and professionally.”

Arrow, it is almost finished. The series will conclude at the end of the year, after season 8 wrapped. And obviously, this is not the american channel CW, which has decided to say stop, but rather the star, Stephen Amell, in agreement with the production.

It is in any case said the actor to his fans via a video on Facebook Wednesday night. The tears in the eyes, he explains that it is first of all to his family that he hangs up the green costume of the Green Arrow :

“A large part of this decision comes from the fact that I am now a father and husband, and that my life is no longer simply to Vancouver. I had to think what was best for me personally and professionally”, admits Amell, whose family lives in Los Angeles, and part in filming the series in Canada every Monday morning…

The actor explains, therefore, be gone discussed with the co-creator, Greg Berlanti, a year ago, to tell him of the situation. “I told him that I thought that, personally and professionally, at the end of my contract after the coming season, it would be best for me to move on to something else”.

An evil for a well, according to Stephen Amell, who entrusts also have alway “s liked the series, not only does not make the season too, but end up on something strong. I’ve always hoped that we would finish Arrow at the right time, and beauty, rather than letting them die slowly up to the cancellation”.

The season 8 ofArrow will be therefore to see the fall on the CW and will count as 10 episodes.

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