Why you should not miss the long version of Abyss, Sunday night on Arte

29 years after its release, the movie sci-fi cult James Cameron returns to the tv.

A 21h, Arte will broadcast the Abyss, James Cameron, a long footage of underwater exploration released in 1989 and worn by Ed Harris (The Truman Show), Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (also in Robin hood prince of thieves, tonight on 6Ter) and Michael There (the Terminator, Aliens). Since its release, this feature-length science-fiction clever and very well done has been broadcast several times on tv, but the programming of this evening is exceptional : the 7th string will, in effect, not its cinema version, but the “director’s cut” of almost 3 hours concocted by the filmmaker in 1993. A mount that has delighted fans, thanks to effects-special always the most impressive and additional scenes to better understand the issues of this underwater exploration (including a sequence of a tsunami that had been cut out of the initial version and was causing a hole story confusing for the public).

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio : but that became the star of Scarface and the Abyss ?

If the original film was already a success (the team of VFX has notably received the Oscar for their visual effects with liquid), it has less market than expected at the u.s. box office, crossing to barely $ 50 million of revenue, while it had been very costly. Subsequently, the long version has bewildered the aficionados of the film, but it has never been released in blu-ray, which means that the broadcast on Arte, a chain which offers its programmes in HD, that more is without ad breaks, is a little event for the fans.

Always as much fascinated by the deep sea, James Cameron is currently preparing suites ofAvatar, he has in large part turned on the water, in performance capture. A decision that has requested once again a huge work on the special effects.

Avatar 2 : How to turn on the water in performance capture ?

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