Wild kiss Dan Balan drove Tina Karol shocked: hot

Дикий поцелуй Dan Balan вогнал Тину Кароль в шок: горячая штучка

The next edition of the show “voice of the Country 2019” was marked by a new scandal. Video was published by one of the judges of the project is the rapper Potap.

The comic and outrageous antics of the farm was before the whole country discussed the conflict between the singers on the above-mentioned project, writes Politeka.

Дикий поцелуй Dan Balan вогнал Тину Кароль в шок: горячая штучка

And today appeared in the video “passionate” kiss one of the judges, singer Dan Balan.

And so, in order to smooth relations, Alexey Potapenko sarcastically in front of everyone present, he kissed his colleague.

Tina Karol, who was sitting two meters away from Dan Balan, with whom on the project they have not everything went smoothly, I was stunned by this action and with a whimsical touch told the Captain that supposedly from him the kind of kisses she had ever received. To which the captain replied that they had with Carol until such passions are not reached.

“You would have me photopals ever so much, you’re hot”, is playfully addressed to Tina’s rapper.

Дикий поцелуй Dan Balan вогнал Тину Кароль в шок: горячая штучка

“There is some sort of line. They’re girls, they’re small” – called Potap their colleagues to make the evaluation more m what form.

He said that he can not calm down, because “they are children, are worried. They will think that they played bad and they played well”.

“What you’re doing is wrong,” said Balan.

At this time, Tina just stood up from his judgment seat and left the room.

Recall, the whole country is discussing a new girlfriend Dan Balan. Attentive fans noticed an interesting detail: the girl is becoming more and more similar to Tina Karol.

As reported by the portal Know.ia Ukrainian singer Tina Karol has posted a tender photo, which will adorn can a gloss.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the revelation of Tina Karol was brought to tears the whole country.

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