Winnick drove wolves mad a new video: what are we talking about in the video

Винник свел волчиц с ума новым видео: о чем речь в клипе

Today on the official YouTube channel of Oleg Vinnik was presented the video “Roksolana”.

Topic winnick raised in the video is relevant to all citizens of our country for many years.

Винник свел волчиц с ума новым видео: о чем речь в клипе

“While staying abroad, I have observed many young girls, women, who are the ones “Roxolans”, however, as I have the time. Leaving Home to earn, to make the lives of their loved ones at home, in Ukraine, the better. I hurt when I think about it. And finally, can you show in the video experience,” says winnick.

“I hope that this video will see people who spend their lives abroad. Only wish we, Ukrainians, were left in the country have made their case, they had built their own fate,” he added.

The clip was filmed over two days in 6 locations. It shows three storylines: the story of the wife of a wealthy foreigner, waitresses and nannies.

Винник свел волчиц с ума новым видео: о чем речь в клипе

Oleg Vinnik

“In our video, a lot of emotions,” says Director Helen Winiarska which winnick took more than one video.

“It’s the emotions of women of different ages, different social status, who emigrated abroad in search of “better life,” adds the Director.

In the shooting involved ten characters. Among them – the legend of theatre and cinema Olga Sumska, Ada Rogovtseva, actress Vera Kobzar, Director of the organizing Committee of “Miss Ukraine universe” Anna Filimonova and others.

It is worth mentioning that the Famous singer Oleg Vinnik, which has long been the dream of millions of Ukrainian women, had often indulged the she-wolf new photos and videos in Instagram.

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