Winnick radically changed her image: she-wolf “howl” poems

Винник кардинально сменил имидж: волчицы “взвыли” стихами

A favorite of all Ukrainians, famous singer Oleg Vinnik often pleases fans of new photos to Instagram. The majority of fans and admirers of Oleg Vinnik used to see it in the classic way with luxurious blond hair. However, the photo, which he posted recently surprised users of the social network.

On the new photo in his microblog winnick in a cap and brutal beard. The singer decided to ask many fans about whether they like his new image. He playfully altered the words of their own hit “she-Wolf”: “the Stars clear at the top! To shave or not to shave?”

Fans of the singer immediately reacted to such a change of image: “You are handsome, but you need to shave”, “Very stylish but,it is better to shave”, “Flow languages stream songs, to Shave or not to Shave! Any listen to You, Young Wolf!”, “You are our beloved Maestro or with a beard or not you are always beautiful”, “Nice picture. Beard since ancient times, the symbol moznost , independence and power.”

After the holidays the singer went to Berlin where he has his own home and Studio to record new songs and prepare for the next round of touring. By the way, winnick has announced the exclusive spring program “To me, you’re Golden.” Says the singer, is his “appeal to women – better half of every man”.

Recall the famous Ukrainian singer, the idol of millions, Oleg Vinnik, often indulges himself with new photos and video on his page in Instagram. So, this time the singer has published in his profile photo, which boasted a remarkable achievement.

Previously portal “ Agency” reported that winnick embodies the dream of a little Ukrainian with a heavy destiny. 14-year-old Christina, who loves to sing has become one of the heroines of the special project, where she carried out her dream of meeting Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik. The judge of the popular show in Ukraine “X-factor” met with Christina in the Studio of the show and makeup artist.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that winnick was spotted with a mysterious stranger. Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik surprised photo with the red-haired beauty.

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