Winnick was going to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest and the song is ready

Винник собрался представлять Украину на Евровидении: деньги и песня уже готовы

Oleg Vinnik

Famous Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik told how he wanted to go to represent Ukraine at the international song contest “Eurovision”.

This is stated in the story of one of the channels.

In particular, winnick said that he had the desire to take part in the Eurovision song contest when it was held in Germany. Moreover at that time he was ready even contest song.

Винник собрался представлять Украину на Евровидении: деньги и песня уже готовы

“I wrote a song in the Ukrainian-German. And when I said, “How is everything going?” I was asked to pay 600 thousand or dollars, or euros. For me, it was, of course, space money, and I did not agree on this matter”, – admitted Oleg.

Then the singer turned to his colleague from Norway, who was earlier a contestant, but much earlier. He told the Ukrainian that he spent on the competition a few hundred dollars.

However, he added that the cost of the trip to the Eurovision song contest has somewhat decreased, so the singer can already afford it.

“So now there’s one good thing that the actor needs to pay somewhere around 150 thousand dollars. Today I can afford it and go for 150 thousand dollars to act as the face of Ukraine”, – explained the singer.

However, it should be noted, Oleg Vinnik, often indulges himself with new photos and video on his page in Instagram. So, this time the singer has published in his profile video, which has once again fueled interest in his new song “Roksolana”. Previously, the artist reported that in the last day of winter – February 28 – he presents the video for this song, and he did it. The artist also said that already preparing a new tour called “Roksolana”.

On his page in the social network of Oleg Vinnik has posted a video that is a fragment of a new video for the song “Cupid”, which the artist presented the day before. In the video himself appeared Oleg Vinnik, and two people’s artist of Ukraine Olga Sumskaya and Ada Rogovtseva. In addition, there are other actors that play bad masters and humble servants. In short, this clip Oleg Vinnik draws attention to the Ukrainian “Roxolani” – women who go abroad in search of a better life.

Recall winnik notice in public transport with a young beauty.

As reported “Znayu”, winnick warming up wolves new teaser for the song “Roksolana”.

Also “Znayu” wrote that Zelensky and Koshevoi put winnik in jail.

Oleg Vinnik — Roksolana

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