Winnick was stunned by the details of his personal life: I’ll love only one

Винник ошарашил подробностями личной жизни: буду любить только одну

The famous singer and favorite of women Oleg winnick, who recently has pleased fans of the acclaimed video “Roksolana”, said detalyami about his personal life.

“I’m in a relationship — crazy! But if you see that the feelings are real, I’ll love only one girl. Can look around, but if you do, what feelings in me, which before had, with whom I will be happy, I really appreciate it,” says winnick.

Винник ошарашил подробностями личной жизни: буду любить только одну

Oleg Vinnik

For singer, the older the person, the harder it is to find true love.

“I think the older a person is, the more it becomes more demanding, cynical. Wrong to choose a life partner for some quality. It is selfishness, not love. I don’t think we need to choose the most beautiful side, and first love flaws and work on them. Love requires effort. And with age it has nothing to do. Of course, to adulthood still needs to gain mind-mind. But to start a serious relationship, to build a family at 19 or 30, it is a choice. But 30 make it much harder,” says the singer.

He admits he had started to care for the opposite sex. And your first kiss and did not remember. However, this kiss remembers hard, with a smile.

Винник ошарашил подробностями личной жизни: буду любить только одну

“As a rule, it is never a good probably the same as the first affinity. This need to learn. But what real kiss, I felt already my favorite. He was distinguished by the fact that the girl first got me deep. That really, really hurt, to tears. Then, she taught me to kiss properly and generally love to do it,” said winnick.

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