“Winter” problem: a Lifehack for Renault Duster revealed in the network

The owner of the Duster was told how to eliminate “winter” problem – freezing windshield wiper to the windshield.

«Зимняя» проблема: Лайфхак для Renault Duster показали в сети

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«Зимняя» проблема: Лайфхак для Renault Duster показали в сети

“Neat Duster”: Helpful advice for owners of Renault Duster voiced blogger

The network has shown “life hacking”, which will be useful for those who like the Renault Duster.

With the arrival of winter in Russia, are increasingly seen parked cars sticking out of the “snow” on the windshield “wipers”. The owners stick their them so that the wipers are not frozen to the glass.

With Renault Duster, this problem is particularly acute – the crossover is not blown zone of peace “janitors”. Russian motorist has published in network video, which showed a hack, which will help to solve this winter problem.

The owner of a previous Renault Duster told that you need to do to “wipers” are not frozen to the glass. For a start it is necessary to press the lever to adjust the wiper speed and choose the lowest. When they start to move and reach the bottom position, you need to sharply pull the lever down and then up.

Thus the wiper remains in the current position and normal are blown, not Primera to the glass.