With four senses: the baby was born, which the world has never seen

С четырьмя чувствами: родился малыш, которого мир еще не видел

Unusual baby was born in one of maternity homes of Fallujah.

The infant observed a rare anomaly in which he has no nose and developed microcephaly, writes Daily Mail.

The anomaly affects a range of feelings and respiratory function in the body of the child.

С четырьмя чувствами: родился малыш, которого мир еще не видел

Unusual baby without a nose

According to doctors, from other children from the same family do not experience any anomalies of a similar nature.

Cause of a rare disease is not fully established, but some experts believe that it is ariniya. Zeta anomaly occurs in the result of defective genes. Everything in the world registered 100 cases.

Also the baby has symptoms of microcephaly in which the brain does not develop properly, which leads to a reduction in the size of the head.

According to reports, the family of the baby refused the tracheotomy operation when in the trachea is established a special breathing tube.

The family of the kid came from a rural area of Fallujah. The city once became the scene of bloody battles between us troops and Iraqi insurgents in 2004.

С четырьмя чувствами: родился малыш, которого мир еще не видел

Iraqi kid with no nose

Fallujah has come under heavy bombardment, causing many of its buildings were destroyed and a significant portion of its 300 000 inhabitants has left home.

It should be noted that after the military operations in the region regularly little ones are born with various anomalies and rare diseases.

Doctors say that they attended the birth of Siamese twins and children born with extra fingers and toes or missing limbs.

The level of birth defects in infants, according to unconfirmed reports, 14 times higher than Hiroshima.

Recall, Brazilian surgeons have successfully separated conjoined twins.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” that Japanese boy-in-law was discharged from the hospital six months after the birth.

Also “Znayu” I wrote twenty-Preeti Singh from India gave birth to the fancy of identical twins who have two heads, four arms, two legs and only one body.

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