“With it, you may save a life”: the stabilization System on the LADA Vesta, KIA Rio and compared blogger

The Grave blogger Kai released a video in which he compared the stabilization system LADA Vesta and KIA Rio and shared his thoughts about whether you need this vehicles with this feature.

«Она вам может жизнь спасти»: Системы стабилизации на LADA Vesta и KIA Rio сравнил блогер

Ideally, ESP should prevent accidents, helping the car to keep the trajectory on corners or when manoeuvring, however, in most cases about this system simply forget relying solely on their skills. Based on this, the blogger compared the two budget models and made some conclusions. On the “West” stabilization of exchange rate stability gives the car sharply to start, what the driver sees, rather, minus, however, in the winter time, this system is quite useful, especially on snowy roads.

As LADA Vesta, the Korean auto stabilization system is present in the starting models, which is a huge advantage in the conditions of winter reality. On the “West” directional stability works more tightly with the slightest deviation of the vehicle, the system begins to try to balance it: “You can even feel the brakes you brake to a car stopped on the right course!”. KIA Rio it works more smoothly and softly, the cabin does not feel like work the brakes, no extra sharp jerks, or car.

«Она вам может жизнь спасти»: Системы стабилизации на LADA Vesta и KIA Rio сравнил блогер

According to experts, in some cases, the ESP may even save the life of the driver, because its presence in each vehicle – are extremely popular, and cities, which is predominantly winter weather – and all have to have in your car stability control system. “There’s no difference between the two systems, I do not feel that on the West, on the Rio it works properly, does not go into a skid. Buy cars with ESP – it, you may save a life!”, – the blogger summarized.