Without a voice and complexes: Volochkova’s shooting a video for their song

Rejected Baskov Volochkova will now become a singer.

Без голоса и комплексов: Волочкова снимает клип на свою песню

Twice a day to shock fans can only Volochkova. If the 6th of December she was talking about marriage with Baskov, it is now ready to shoot a music video, which is based on her art song. In creativity of the ballerina, which has a book and writes, and dances and sings and now writes songs – no doubt not one of the fans. Bewilderment caused her vocal skills, because without a voice and complexes she managed to get up on stage and not hit the notes. And not have a musical education, to see it.


So, on the First channel she disgraced, singing Russian version of song Alessandro Safina Luna Tu. Volochkova after this “live” vocals have received thousands harshly criticizing reviews, some listeners were ready to abandon the TV, not to hear this fiasco of a ballerina. “Today shooting the video for my self-written song. So along with Margaret Barabanovo create an image.

She is bright and pleasant and kind”, – wrote Volochkova on the page.

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Today shooting the video for my self-written song.???? So along with Margaret Barabanovo @margo_horror_beauty create an image.???? She is bright and pleasant and kind.???? #anastasiamalave #Volochkova #ballet #Russia #I #love #joy #flowers #happiness #us #fall #winter #creativity #volochkova #instagood #be #love #me #enjoy #best #good #ballet

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Commentators immediately rushed into battle: “nastena, and who sing instead of you? I hope not Buzova… how long you going to go bald? Why that bald head of yours to show?” write a disgruntled subscribers. But Volochkova still. Some thought of their singing the rejected dancer now wants to battle Nikolai Baskov, who rejected her when she was talking about the wedding.