Wonder Woman 1984 postponed in August

Definitely, even the heroes of the cinema must give up in the COVID-19. After James Bond and Natasha Romanoff, it’s Wonder Woman’s turn to delay her appearance on the big screen. The Warner studio has decided to postpone the release of the second Amazon-centered feature film from June 5 to August 14.
L es sums involved are huge and cinemas were closed almost everywhere due to the pandemic, we can understand the current calculations – Wonder Woman (2017) has more than $ billion in revenue. Studio president Toby Emmerich made no secret: “We hope the world will be a safer and healthier place by then.”

Patty Jenkins, who was also the director of the first feature, echoed the message in a Twitter message, noting that she believes in “the power of cinema on the big screen.”

Warner took the opportunity to announce that In the Heights , the adaptation of the musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda; Scoob , animated film based on the character of Scooby-Doo; and Malignant , by horror master James Wan, were postponed indefinitely.

Several spring blockbusters have been missed recently. In addition to 007 and Black Widow, Mulan, Rapids and Dangerous 9 as well as Un coin calme 2 are in limbo.

The films of the summer remain on the calendar (for now) since everyone hopes that the worst of the crisis will be over. The only exception: Minions 2: Once upon a time Gru . The animated feature will not be ready due to the closure of the production studio in France.

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