World famous actor refused the award of the President of Russia: I – Ukrainian

Всемирно известный актер отказался от награды президента России: я - украинец

Recently celebrated the birthday of the famous American actor with Ukrainian Corunna Vladimir Palagnyuk. Over the years Vladimir became Jack Balansom (eng. Jack Palance).

He was born February 18 1919 in Lattimer mines, Pennsylvania, USA in a family of migrant workers from Ukraine. His father came from the village of Ivan gold Ternopil region, and his mother from the Lviv region.

Favorite childhood memory is when my father, having a free moment, imprisoned children and read Ukrainian Newspapers, “recalled in his old age Jack.

Всемирно известный актер отказался от награды президента России: я - украинец

Jack was proud of Ukrainian descent: know the Ukrainian language, history, loved to sing native songs, performed during the opening of the Shevchenko monument in Washington. Jack Pelens was Chairman of the Board skilled charitable Foundation the Hollywood Trident Foundation ( “the Foundation Trident”), which provided financial support to the actors and artists who have demonstrated achievements of Ukrainian culture (including a cinema) in the world.

In those days, the miners of Pennsylvania for poor working conditions long lived. Soon, due to lung cancer passed away and Ivan Palahniuk. His son also tried miner’s bread, but soon turned into boxers. With 193 cm of growth and decent muscles, Wladimir has had 20 fights in the ring. According to legend, he even set a record for the heavyweight champion – 15 wins in a row. Of them 13 fights ended with heavy knockouts for his opponents.

I saw a photo of a young Jack Palance. In it, he as two drops of water similar to Wladimir Klitschko, “said even one of the sports reporters of America.

Всемирно известный актер отказался от награды президента России: я - украинец

However, officially registered only one match Palagnyuk 17 Dec 1940 in chetyrehrogaja fight he lost to Joe Bucky. In the end, the Ukrainian leaves the box. It was a good reason – the Second world war. Vladimir became a pilot. However, the rookie won’t soon came to the war: during a training flight the plane caught fire In-24 and flyer-Ukrainian received severe burns.

Despite the plastic surgery scars on the face and hoarse voice – the result of a Boxing injury stayed with him for life. After the war, Palahniuk suddenly decides that his vocation is an actor. Embarking on acting courses at Stanford University. While studying earns a “bouncer” in restaurants. And already making its debut in the 1950 film.

A specific appearance and voice do not leave Vladimir a choice – he mostly plays villains and bandits.

“All my roles have been played to Oscar – garbage,” say Palahniuk in old age.

Removing his stage alias Walter Jack Palance Ukrainian, and later acted in westerns, gangster films and action films. After 20 years of married life, divorces his wife, actress Virginia Baker. Has two daughters and a son.

Subsequently, when the Hollywood walk of fame star will appear Jack Palance, the actor will comment on the event with humor: “My star is in front of the store of lingerie. This is probably because I have always been with women beyond the competition.” The last 20 years, Jack will live together with stewardess Elaine Rogers.

The first actor nominated for an Oscar in 1952. But the award he received already in 1992 on the role of the second plan in the movie “City slickers”. It is remarkable that almost the first time in my life Palance played a Comedy role.

“All my life regretted that incompetent Directors saw me as just a gangster and a scoundrel” – will tell then.

At the ceremony, suddenly present several times push-up, on the one hand, showing that is in excellent shape.

According to eyewitnesses, Vladimir had a subtle sense of humor and was a born comedian. Refused painting and wrote poetry. If the company had someone from the Ukrainian – immediately switched to the native language. To their historical homeland for the first time came in 1996.

He was fond of Ukrainian history and dreamed about the role of Hetman Ivan Mazepa. Although, by his own admission, the biggest dream was the role of Taras Bulba.

In April, 2004. during the week in Los Angeles lasted the festival “Russian nights” under the patronage of the President of Russia. The culmination was the awards ceremony in Hollywood American artists and actors of Russian origin the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation for their contribution to the development of Russian culture.

In April, 2004. In Los Angeles at the film festival “Russian evening” which was organized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation, was awarded an annual art award and awards in Hollywood American artists and actors of Russian origin the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation for their contribution to the development of Russian culture. Invited the famous American actors. On the podium, Dustin Hoffman. After receiving the award and applause, he said a small speech. He remembered that his parents were originally from “Russian city of Kiev.”

The next winner called Jack Palance: “I am Ukrainian, not Russian. My parents came from Ukraine and there’s nothing for me to do. It’s better if I leave,” he said.

Those who were familiar with the actor, this behaviour is not surprising. The fact that Jack was for many years headed the Ukrainian Foundation “Trident”, which unites former compatriots in Hollywood. This Fund was soon derided and condemned the act born “of the Russian city of Kiev” Hoffmann, mocking his “profound knowledge in geography.”

November 10, 2006, in Montecito (CA) 87-year-old son of immigrants Volodymyr Palahniuk died. He never played any Ukrainian role.

Recall that a famous actor was severely beaten and tried to strangle the middle of the street.

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