World War Z : The honest trailer pokes fun at Brad Pitt, zombies and Pepsi

World War Z : Le honest trailer se moque de Brad Pitt, des zombies et de Pepsi

In the meantime the following, which must be carried out by David Fincher, TF1 rediffusera Sunday night, World War Z.

We can’t get enough of Honest Trailers from Screen Junkies. If the last on Star Trek Into Darkness was rather soft, this on World War Z tape on anything that moves ! The concept of the film takes for his rank, with an enumeration of the clichés of movies of zombies present in the film, Brad Pitt included. Ouch… “When the living dead invade the pop culture, here’s a new zombie film. Except that in this one, there’s BRAD PITT”, sets out the deep voice of the trailer. Even the fact that the blockbuster has made a cardboard box becomes a subject of mockery.

You will never see the “real” end of the World War Z

The editors don’t take kindly to the film by Marc Forster, is fun including problems encountered on the shoot. As we know, the director had to change the ending (they just also give the reason), and the reshoots were costly. Fortunately that Pepsi was there to pay them off, lets hear the video showing the famous product placement, which occurs in the full final scene.

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