Xiaomi has introduced a smart computer Desk for gamers

Xiaomi представила умный компьютерный стол для настоящих геймеров

Xaiomi showed a cool table for competitive players

On crowdfunding Xiaomi has a Desk which at the push of a button can change the height for comfortable working while sitting or standing. Affiliate product is brand Loctek focused on competitive players. As you might guess, this is no ordinary table. However, from Xiaomi else should be expected.

Xiaomi представила умный компьютерный стол для настоящих геймеров

The table is equipped with an actuator which raises and lowers the work surface with a speed of 2.5 cm per second. Process is controlled by intelligent chip, although some “smart” functions here. And yet, it differs from analogues by the presence of automatic lift. On the control panel can adjust the height or keep the three main and switch between them, allowing 3 users to instantly adjust the height of the table under their own settings. The legs are made of durable carbon steel. The structure supports loads up to 70 kg. This is more than enough for all gaming equipment.

Xiaomi представила умный компьютерный стол для настоящих геймеров

For such a wonderful table you will have to pay as much as 270 dollars.

Recall that Sony Xperia 2 will soon appear on the shelves. Apparently, this will be a budget model, the Xperia 1, the price of which is around 1000 dollars. However, this device will get the flagship features and cool screen beats even the iPhone’s display XS Max. As for the price, the device will ask for about $ 750, which is a little cheaper predecessor.

Earlier Znayu reported that Sony PlayStation 5 upset fans even before the release. It is reported that now will not be able to save money on buying games. The device will have no disc drive, so used disk will not work to purchase. This means that for all the new items you will have to pay very much.

Znayu wrote, Xiaomi introduced the Mi Air laptop Notebook 12.5. It is reported that the device has good characteristics as well as record weight, which is about 1.07 kg. For example, the MacBook from Apple is much heavier. However, this may affect the autonomy of the device, because for weight loss had to be reduced and the size of the battery.

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