Xiaomi has officially refused counterfeits: the details of important decisions

Xiaomi официально отказалась от подделок: детали важного решения

Immediately after the information about the price increase on smartphones employees of the Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi announced the sad news. It is known that a company can say “no” flagship smartphone Mi SE.

Xiaomi официально отказалась от подделок: детали важного решения

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What is SE?

With such a “note” Xiaomi for several years doing the “simplified” flagship model. They are smaller, more compact, devoid of some features “older bro”, but significantly cheaper. In General, this is perfect for those who want “high-horse”, but do not want to overpay. This year it’s 9 Mi SE last — 8 Mi SE. However, in China, their sales were limited, unfortunately.

Xiaomi официально отказалась от подделок: детали важного решения

Why give back?

Director of product Xiaomi van Ten Thomas in the Chinese social network Weibo hinted that the Mi 9 SE may be the last representative of the ruler. According to him, the compact smartphone can no longer fit in so many functions. The reduced dimensions leave a little space to work with, and the production of such devices becomes more complex. Therefore, it is possible that next year’s flagship SE version will be gone.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Apple’s revenue for the first quarter of 2019 fiscal year will amount to 84 billion dollars. This was stated by Apple CEO Tim cook in a letter addressed to investors. Cook noted that this is significantly less than the previous forecast of 89 to 93 billion dollars. Thus, the company still recognized the demand for the iPhone, which will affect profits.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has announced the release of a major update for Skype for Web with a ton of “improvements”. Web this version now contains a large number of new functions that came along with Skype 8. To try out the updated Skype can only users of Windows and macOS 10 10.12 and exclusively browsers and Chrome Edge. For those who prefer Firefox, Safari and Opera, Microsoft offers to use desktop application. Microsoft says, will there be added support for other browsers.

Recall, Viber added night mode for Android and iOS: how to enable.

As reported Znayu Microsoft is preparing a replacement for the failed WIndows 10.

Also Znayu wrote 5 secret features in iOS 12, about which few people know.

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