Xiaomi has pleased fans of cool chair for $200

Xiaomi порадовала фанатов крутым креслом за $200

Xiaomi Mijia

Xiaomi continues to delight his fans with unusual products. After the car purifier, washing machine and vacuum cleaner, turn of the computer chair. However, after the toilet paper, we are not so easy to surprise.

Xiaomi порадовала фанатов крутым креслом за $200

The chair received the name Xiaomi Mijia, and the assurances of the representatives of the company, it is perfectly suitable for those who spend a lot of time on the table in front of the computer. Yes, great technologies of the future chair has not received, but performs its functions perfectly.

Xiaomi Mijia boasts a special mechanism of the adjustable backrest, supporting three types of slope angle and a large range of adjustments. You can configure and armrests, making the chair more comfortable, adjusting to the parameters of the owner.

Xiaomi порадовала фанатов крутым креслом за $200

Padding made from breathable mesh, which can be “simultaneously solid and flexible, and is easy to take away excess moisture and heat”. However, nothing from the computer chair and was not expected. The chair is sold only in China at a price of about 194 dollars.

Recall that the hackers managed to hack the game Metro Exodus just 5 days after the release of the project. Apparently, the defense worked well, as sales of the game is quite good, and it’s only for 5 days. Now the pirates will be able to download the game for free online.

Earlier Znayu reported that the network has shown a 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019. The laptop from Apple Corporation will get a top-end processor and huge screen. Apparently this model is suitable for those who work in video and photo editors, which need a large space to work.

Znayu wrote that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 began to fall sharply in price. It is reported that at the time he was sold for 30 thousand hryvnias. Now in stores you can find over 20 000 hryvnia.

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