Xiaomi introduced mechanical wrist watch for 10 thousand rubles

Xiaomi company introduced the world to his new watch with the name of the Mechanical Watch Z Series.

Xiaomi представила механические наручные часы за 10 тысяч рублей

The price for a mechanical wrist ornament is $ 145, which is about 10 thousand rubles.

Exclusive housing consists entirely of stainless steel, sides made of durable glass made from artificial sapphire, according to the scale of the IAOS, stronger only alsman, so scratching is almost impossible.

The company CIGA Design fully developed their design, and the Sea-Gull, which are the largest manufacturer in the world, provided a practical and reliable mechanism, which instructed elements of gold and silver.

Watch works on automatic winding, the error of which is about 15 seconds.

Also they are waterproof.

In the set are silicone straps in red, blue and black color, and later the company plans to add leather option.

Sale starts from January 20, the new year, but at the moment the pre-orders amounted to nearly 500 applications.